What is RBD? Reliability By Design.

Why is RBD important?

Murata has been shaping the industry with a legacy of original design for over 75 years. Starting in 1934, and every moment thereafter, each machine has been faithfully engineered with reliability in mind to satisfy our unrelenting pledge to the seven principles of RBD. Our original product development thesis, Reliability by Design, is the operating principle by which we conceive, develop, and manufacture machinery.

What does RBD mean?

Reliability: \ri-ˌlī-ə-ˈbi-lə-tē\

  1. the ability of a person, machine, or system to perform and maintain its functions in routine circumstances, as well as hostile or unexpected circumstances
  2. fit to be trusted
  3. ability to be relied on

By: \ˈbī\

  1. through or through the medium of
  2. in conformity with

Design: \di-ˈzīn\

  1. to plan out in systematic form
  2. to create or contrive for a particular purpose or effect
  3. to have as a goal or purpose; intend
  4. to create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner

The 7 Principles of RBD

1. Industry-leading Speed

  1. Intelligent Control Interface - Operator interface maximizes machine operational efficiencies.
  2. Large Turrets - On demand tool availability eliminates tool change downtime.
  3. Manufacturing Capacity - Faster machines make more products in a given amount of time.
  4. Low Cost - Lower operation costs from reduced Punch On-Time yield higher production profits.
  5. Process Integration - Process integration options eliminate post process operations and secondary handlings.
  6. Tool Change - Quick change tool holders decrease tool change time thereby increasing Punch On-Time.
  7. Automation - Automation options increase throughput by ensuring a predictable process and reducing pre and post process handling costs.
  8. Optimal Ram Speed - Industry-leading speeds up to 510 HPM.

2. Superior Accuracy

  1. Low Waste - Low waste eliminates rework, and speeds up downstream processes.
  2. Precision Parts - Precise, high-quality parts eliminate rework, and speeds up downstream processes.
  3. Fewer Secondary Operations - Greater accuracy facilitates assembly consistencies.
  4. Process Reliability - Process reliability yields predictable and accurate results.
  5. Lower Down Time - Reliable machine accuracy increases overall run time.
  6. Tool Management - The intelligent control interface allows the operator to accurately manage the tool library.
  7. Rigid Press Frame - Guarantees accuracy in longevity.
  8. Table Structure - Guarantees accuracy in longevity.
  9. Precision Deburring - Precision ram positioning enables in-process deburring.
  10. Downward Form Protection - Protecting the material from deformation when downward forming delivers more accurate parts.

3. Greater Flexibility

  1. Floor Space – Ergonomic space saving designs allow for more flexible shop layouts.
  2. Software Integration / Intelligent Control Interface - The intelligent control interface allows for and enhances lean manufacturing.
  3. On Demand Tool Availability – Large turret design allows for greater tooling options.
  4. Automation Configuration – Modular, same side load/unload, parts sorting, and towers allow for industry-leading flexible automation configurations.
  5. Tool Change - Large turret with multiple large auto index stations allow for greater tooling options.
  6. State of the Art Tooling Options and Technologies – Expansive tooling options facilitate greater productivity.

4. Optimal Productivity

  1. Faster - Every step in the process has been examined for optimal efficiency.
  2. Superior Price / Performance Ratio - Comparing total cost of ownership versus the amount of production achieved, Murata leads the industry.
  3. Ergonomics - Advanced ergonomic options maximize production efficiency.
  4. Process Reliability - Process reliability yields predictable and accurate production results.
  5. Tool Management - On demand tool availability allows sustained production while minimizing required tool changes.
  6. Automation - Modular, same side load/unload, parts sorting, and tower configuration options facilitate optimal productivity.
  7. Extended Tool Life - The intelligent control interface monitors tooling for best productivity.
  8. Intelligent Control Interface - The intelligent control interface allows for and enhances lean manufacturing.
  9. Integrated Post Processes - Process integration reduces post processes and secondary handlings, optimizing production capacity.

5. Renowned Ease of Use

  1. Software Integration - The operator interface maximizes machine operational efficiencies by masking complex production processes in a simple, intelligent, and elegant user interface.
  2. Simple Setup - The intelligent control interface allows the operator ease in job setup and management.
  3. Intuitive User Interface - Facilitates easier control navigation and reduces learning curves.
  4. Open Frame Design - Allows convenient access for operations and maintenance.
  5. Tooling Options - Available in Wiedeman or Spring Style turret options.
  6. Tool Change - On demand tool availability reduces the need for tool change while providing more tooling options during production.
  7. Superior Support - Including extended hours, free lifetime phone support, a variety of training options, and application support.

6. Proven History of Longevity

  1. Reduced / Ease of Maintenance - Predictive maintenance allows machines and tools to run reliably longer.
  2. Rigid Frame Design - Guarantees accuracy in longevity.
  3. Superior Support - From training to application support to phone or on-site support, our team has the most experience in the industry.
  4. Control Technology - We strategically partner with Fanuc to offer the world’s standard for performance, reliability, and support.
  5. Tooling - The intelligent control interface monitors tooling for optimum tool life.
  6. Servo Driven Ram - The servo driven ram provides the reliability, ease of maintenance, and longevity of a mechanical ram system in addition to delivering complete control of the ram stroke.

7. Environmentally Committed

  1. First Servo Driven Ram Design - Specifically designed as the world's first "green" turret punch press.
  2. Energy Efficiency - Higher energy efficiency facilitates lower running costs and reduced carbon footprints.
  3. Quieter Operation - Quieter operation promotes operator safety, stamina, and a more friendly work environment.
  4. Reduced Operating Costs - Given our industry-leading total cost of ownership, fewer resources are required for the life of your machine.
  5. Low Maintenance - Low and predictive maintenance ensures that fewer resources are consumed during the life of the machine.
  6. Longevity - For the life of Muratec machines, fewer resources are required to realize longevity.